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ELISHA was the acronym of the EU project funded under the Nanotechnology Theme of Framework 6.  The project was completed on 30th June 2007 and the technology is being commercialised by ELISHA Systems Ltd., a new SME based in the UK.



Latest News: 

February 2018.  A new route to enable the simple manufacture of protein based biosensors has been discovered and forms the basis of new IP for ELISHA Systems Ltd.  The process has been trialled on biosensors for Troponin-I, PBP2a (an MRSA biomarker), C-reactive protein (CRP) and various bacteria, including Streptococcus pyogenes and a range of Gram negative and Gram positive panels.  The results indicate the process can be adapted for all proteins including detection of antibodies themselves by immobilising their protein antigens. Please contact ELISHA Systems Ltd. if you have any interest in developing biosensors to your protein targets.

September 2017.  ELISHA Systems Ltd has new IP to construct biosensors based on conserved scaffold proteins and peptides. Initial examples have been demonstrated on Affimers, the peptide aptamer reagents supplied by Avacta plc.  Biosensors to ANP (atrial natriuretic peptide) and LOX1 ( Lectin-like oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor-1) have been demonstrated to date.   The new IP for biosensor manufacture has been found to produce more consistent and reliable impedance based biosensors.

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Main Contacts for ELISHA Systems Ltd:

Technical Enquiries

Dr Tim Gibson           Telephone 07968 162224

                                  e-mail  t.d.gibson@leeds.ac.uk


Business Enquiries

Duncan Sharp            Telephone 0113 343 1435

                                  e-mail  fbsdsh@leeds.ac.uk


Registered Address

416 Aberford Road
West Yorkshire
Company number  6142403

ELISHA Systems Ltd is developing Biochips and Point-of-Care Instrumentation based on the ELISHA immunosensor technology.


ELISHA Systems Ltd has been developing the ELISHA technology to be commercially viable.    The basic technology comprises disposable single measurement biochips and an electrochemical reader that is being designed to be a Point-of-Care device. 

Biochips can be configured in different ways:


1)      Single analyte configuration using 2 working electrodes to generate the  

         specific signal and to correct for non-specific binding

2)      Multiple analyte configuration using multiple working electrodes to detect a

         number of target analytes from a single sample.


The analytical sequence to measure target analytes is essentially the same for each type of biochip.


       Add sample to biochip incubate for several minutes read concentration.


The incubation time depends on the target and concentration range of the target analyte, but it is of the order of 5 to 20 minutes for most target analytes measured to date.


The development has demonstrated the feasibility of the antibody based biochips to detect many more analytes in a wide range of sample matrices.   Some examples are given below.


ANALYTE                           MATRIX                                  SENSITIVITY

Meningococcus                   Whole human blood                 10 cells in 100l blood

Myoglobin                          Human serum                         10 picogrammes per ml

Fluoroquinoline antibiotics    Bovine milk                            1 nanogramme per ml  

MRSA                                PBS / non-ionic detergent        10 cells per ml


To date most protein and carbohydrate biomarkers are quantifiable down to picogramme per ml levels in 20 minutes. Most bacterial samples seem to have a detection limit of 10 cells per ml or 10 cells per sample (e.g. for the miningococcus  example, 100l of whole blood containing 100cells per ml gave a consistently measurable response).   Recently viruses have been detected and quantified directly using a virus antibody.  In addition target analytes have been detected and quantified in neat human saliva and neat human urine working with third party clients.


ELISHA Systems Ltd has World-wide patent protection in the area of AC Impedance interrogation of protein biochips and has IP in an alternative electrochemical detection technique developed in the ELISHA project.


ELISHA Systems Ltd is looking to discuss potential collaborations with interested third parties who have analyte panels they would like to transfer onto the ELISHA platform. Please contact Dr Tim Gibson or Duncan Sharp using the contact details above.


Latest News


New IP for Biosensor manufacture

Elisha Systems Ltd has new IP in the area of biosensor manufacture that produces consistent and reliable impedance based biosensors.

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Biosensor World Congress Presentation

Labeless AC Impedance Based Biosensors:Commercial Reality or an Impossible Goal?

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ELISHA Systems Ltd to present results for MRSA detection at the World Congress on Biosensors 2014

Specific detection of MRSA using a novel phage lysin mediated biosensor has been successfully demonstrated and the TSB sponsored project PROMPT-Plus is proceeding to trial the biosensors

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